Dana’s Bat Mitzvah at Congregation Beth Am and Rosewood Sandhill, Palo Alto, CA Photography by @Dana Hargitay

Bar and Bat Mitzvah photography is some of the most fun and expressive you will ever find event photography wise and I love documenting mitzvah ceremonies and parties to capture all the emotional photos that come out of it!



So check out these fun moments we got at Dana’s Bat Mitzvah at Congregation Beth Am in Los Altos, CA  near San Francisco.  Then the smashing party was at Rosewood Sandhill in Palo Alto and it was so fun.  The Hora dance at the mitzvah party as you can see below from the photography  that it was super fun because well they made it fun!  Especially, Dana’s mom, Danielle.  She is a super hero and the love for her daughter is fierce!


See what I mean about fierce love being captured in a bat mitzvah photograph of a mom and daughter?

Here are some more amazing party photographs I shot at the Rosewood Sandhill.  I had a blast and clearly so did this incredible family.  They are simply so kind and wonderful. I am honored to have gotten to know you being my camera and beyond. xo dana


Much love to this beautiful family!

Bar Mitzvah at Congregation Emanu-el and The Terra Gallery in San Francisco, CA. Eli.

Eli had such a fantastic Bar Mitzvah at Congregation Emanu-el and the party at The Terra Gallery in San Francisco.  What a fantastic venue for the coolest and best bar and bat mitzvah photography!  The design concept by Jayne Greenberg at Just Jayne Events was brilliant as always.  The Terra Gallery is such an incredible space for parties as there are two distinct rooms that are very large open floor plans.  The video montage for this Bar Mitzvah was so emotionally charged there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I always try to get the best mitzvah photography as it’s such a monumental time in these families lives.  Documenting emotionally charged mitzvah photos is such a gift I’m always grateful for.   I wish this sweet boy, Eli, the best life has to offer him!


Wedding at Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel and St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. Megan and Russell.

Such a classic San Francisco wedding! The couple got ready at the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental, with formal wedding  photos taken at the Palace of Fine Arts. They were married at St. Paul’s Catholic Church, and the wedding reception was at the St. Francis Yacht Club in the Marina where this awesome couple partied hard with a corn hole toss, photo booth and tons and tons of over the top fun dancing. The wedding photography was artistic and photojournalistic in style.  They also wanted to incorporate classic wedding photography into their images so we took formal wedding photography images at The Palace of Fine Arts.  I love using light and color to highlight my subjects as a San Francisco wedding photographer and each wedding venue location had it’s incredible light source so I had a magical day photographing Megan and Russell.  I always strive to be the best San Francisco Wedding Photographer. Here’s to magic all their years ahead of them!



San francisco Destination wedding photographer Wedding photography portfolio

Reflecting being a wedding photographer over the years and here’s a small portfolio that stood out to me today as I’m updating my website.  Been an honor to be a part of all these couple’s worlds on such a beautiful occasion of starting their lives together.  Here’s to more beginnings in 2020!

Wedding Photography at Deer Park Villa, Fairfax in Marin County. Leah and Matthew.

Wow.  What a beautiful day this was.  I mean the love between Leah and Matthew is off the chart and their devotion to their four children is even more mind staggering.  The children were a part of every celebration and they loved it –even with a newborn attached to them most of the evening. It’s times like this that being a wedding photographer in San Francisco has its advantages. The venue, Deer Park Villa in Fairfax which is in the heart of Marin County near Samuel P. Taylor National Park is awe inspiring.  The redwoods tower above you giving you a peek at the star filled sky.  Such an emotional and authentic ceremony and reception gave me pause and event planner, Chiara DeJoy, made sure everything was just exquisite! Chiara always makes me feel like I’m the best wedding photographer in San Francisco as she is so supportive and on point. What a wonderful night and I love the wedding photo of them under the redwoods with the lights framing them. I wish these two the absolute best life has to offer.

The Best Bar and Bat Mitzvah Photography in San Francisco Bay Area by Dana Hargitay of enLuce Photography

Awe the Bat Mitzvah ….They make me wish I was Jewish ✡️ so I could have one for my son. I love photographing the horah, the service at the temple and the all the fun emotion between the kids! Bar and Bat mitzvah photography makes you think fast on your feet as these kids are moving at the speed of light! But It might be the most amazing thing ever for a kid to celebrate the bridge between childhood and adulthood. The service is very beautiful as each child talks about a moral or social issue they would like to focus on and then the party, well, it’s off the hook with everyone celebrating! 🎉🎉   Here are some Bar and Bat Mitzvahs I’ve shot over the year.  Each child I photograph makes me so inspired to be the best Bar and Bat Mitzvah photographer in San Francisco.  

Flying Cloud Wedding in Petaluma, Ca. Christina and Dan.

I just loved Christina and Dan the moment I met them.  They told me how they met and they were once roommates in San Francisco in the most sought after real estate in the country.  They ultimately chose love over security and it’s history ever since.  They are so fun and playful with each other and I know these two will be together for the long haul.  Shooting their wedding photos was so much fun we couldn’t stop laughing.  Their wedding took place at The Flying Cloud in Petaluma, CA and it was such a fantastic Indian summer evening. Wedding photography in Petaluma has it’s advantages as the light is so beautiful not to mention I Love being a wedding photographer in my hometown of Petaluma. But no matter what venue I’m at I  always strive to get the best wedding photography in San Francisco for my clients!  Here’s to Christina and Dan….I Wish you both the best in life!

Wedding at The Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco. Emily and Steve.

Emily and Steve loved The Julia Morgan Ballroom with it’s grand lobby and architectural details.  We even got to steal to the roof for a gorgeous sunset wedding photos.  The ceremony was very elegant at St. Peter and Pauls Church in North Beach and then Emily and Steve along with their bridal party hopped on a trolly car  where the wedding bridal photos were so fun!  Then to The Julia Morgan Ballroom for such a fun and fantastic evening of incredible food and dancing. I love capturing all the architecture in the wedding photography of the Julia Morgan Ballroom.  When couples love each other this much it makes me so hopeful and I get motivated to be the best wedding photographer in San Francisco to capture their memories for a lifetime.  I love these two and hope they have the most wonderful lives together.

Editorial and Fashion Photographer in San Francisco A Photo Essay by photographer, Dana Hargitay

Even Though–> A personal photo essay into behind the photos. We all have even though (s). We all have ways to talk to ourselves to overcome hardships that come are way. I want to explore that with all walks of humanity. Photos are amazing but they are’t the whole truth. These are their words in response to their own personal “even thoughs”.
Even Though–> Tallulah Rose Gizmek 13 years old.
1. Even though my parents are divorced and it’s not always easy for m…I get through it with the help of my sister. I also have some great people in my life who I can share my feelings to, that’s super important to me because if I don’t get out my feelings the stress builds up in my shoulders and I start to feel a lot of pain in those areas.
2. Even though I feel responsible for my little sister because I’m the one with her 100 %…..I get through it by having days that are flexible. Days that I can go to the other parents how’s without my sister so I can have some alone time without the responsibility.
3. Even though I get stressed because my mom lost her job …I have trust in her. I know she can get through it and that’s what makes me less stressed out.
4. Even though I get lonely sometimes when I walk home after school…I listen to clamping music and sometimes call my friends.
5. Even though I get anxiety over getting grades… my family is very supportive and isn’t strict or harsh on my about grades so that lessens my anxiety.
6. Even though I was starting to successfully model I had to stop because my parents can’t drive me to castings because they work and I was starting to stress about school because I was missing too many days…..so II quit professional modeling or now. I am still sad about my decision but my plan is go back after I can drive myself. It will be easier for me and my family to handle my modeling life and school life if I can drive myself to castings and shoots.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah at Rodef Sholom in Marin and JCC in San Rafael, CA

Love getting the honor to be a Bar and Bat or in this case a B’nai Mitzvah photographer as these girls are twins! I love photographing the Mitzvah Services at Rodef Sholom in San Rafael, Marin County as there’s always beautiful natural light to take the mitzvah photos. These girls love the beach so they were introduced on surf boards before the Torah dance.  It was such a fun evening with so much dancing and love! These kids motivate me to be to the best Bar and Bat Mitzvah photographer in San Francisco.  Mazel Tov!