Sebastopol Wedding Photographer at Merry Edwards Winery. Sybil and Adele.

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Wow!  So much love and kindness were abound this day.  Sybil and Adele have been together for thirteen years so it’s about time this beautiful couple made it official. They decided upon Merry Edwards Winery in Sebastopol for their nuptials and flew all the way from Atlanta, Georgia. Both of their mothers and sister’s were in attendance and when Adele walked down the aisle there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere.   She was flooded with emotion as well.  Their friend and wedding planner, The incredible Peter of Leave it to Peter made sure everything was the best for his long time friends.  And when I say he was incredible….really there are no words for how far his imagination and his unparalleled energy goes!  The cake by Costeaux in Healdsburg was assembled with a motorcycle cake topping because when Adele and Sybil first met they would ride together. It was really the perfect day and everyone was so filled with gratitude and love.  I am honored to have been the wedding photographer at this glorious union between Adele and Sybil. Many blessings!

4 Comments on “Sebastopol Wedding Photographer at Merry Edwards Winery. Sybil and Adele.

  1. A beautiful day! Dana captured its love and emotion. Striking photos! Congratulations to Adele and Sybil!

  2. What a beautiful couple, occasion, and location! May you always be intertwined with love, kindness, and lots of fun!

  3. You both looked beautiful amidst the beautiful landscape. Your photographer took some creative, memorable pictures

  4. This looks like an absolutely beautiful wedding. So happy to be able to see this event captured in time by a great photographer! Thank you for sharing!

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