Editorial and Fashion Photographer in San Francisco A Photo Essay by photographer, Dana Hargitay

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Even Though–> A personal photo essay into behind the photos. We all have even though (s). We all have ways to talk to ourselves to overcome hardships that come are way. I want to explore that with all walks of humanity. Photos are amazing but they are’t the whole truth. These are their words in response to their own personal “even thoughs”.
Even Though–> Tallulah Rose Gizmek 13 years old.
1. Even though my parents are divorced and it’s not always easy for m…I get through it with the help of my sister. I also have some great people in my life who I can share my feelings to, that’s super important to me because if I don’t get out my feelings the stress builds up in my shoulders and I start to feel a lot of pain in those areas.
2. Even though I feel responsible for my little sister because I’m the one with her 100 %…..I get through it by having days that are flexible. Days that I can go to the other parents how’s without my sister so I can have some alone time without the responsibility.
3. Even though I get stressed because my mom lost her job …I have trust in her. I know she can get through it and that’s what makes me less stressed out.
4. Even though I get lonely sometimes when I walk home after school…I listen to clamping music and sometimes call my friends.
5. Even though I get anxiety over getting grades… my family is very supportive and isn’t strict or harsh on my about grades so that lessens my anxiety.
6. Even though I was starting to successfully model I had to stop because my parents can’t drive me to castings because they work and I was starting to stress about school because I was missing too many days…..so II quit professional modeling or now. I am still sad about my decision but my plan is go back after I can drive myself. It will be easier for me and my family to handle my modeling life and school life if I can drive myself to castings and shoots.

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