Olori Luxury African Leather Handbags Fashion and product Photography in San Francisco, CA

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When you get a super crew like this one your bound to have a good time!  Everyone brought their A game a few days before Christmas for this shoot and fashion inspires me to be the absolute best fashion photographer in San Francisco.  And Why not?  I would want the best product photography to promote my dreams in commerce.  Great Product photography in San Francisco is everything when you are marketing your products.  Whether you are selling online or have a foot traffic store you still have to show what you are selling in an enticing way that’s relevant and provocative.  Product photography in a lifestyle atmosphere is what the market is responding to when it comes to the fashion and product photography world.  Which is so much more fun than being stuck in a studio.  We tromped all over Hayes Valley in San Francisco and the results are in the pudding as they say.  Thank you Tomedai for trusting me with your  beautiful Orlori handbag line! Here’s a link to her incredible bags you can purchase online.


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San Francisco Fashion Photography

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