Prime Minister Costa of Portugal visits Sausalito for a commemoration of sister cities, Cascais, Portugal and Sausalito. Celebrity Portrait photographer in San Francisco.

It was a beautiful afternoon in Sausalito where two sister cities, Cascais, Portugal and Sausalito were commemorated by a square titled Rosa Dos Ventos which means Rose of The Winds Calcada.  This beautiful mosaic tile square is located in downtown Sausalito and the Prime Minister Costa of Portugal was there as well for the celebration.  Mayor Joan Cox of Sausalito and Mayor Carlos Carreiras of Cascais were also in attendance and both gave beautiful speeches saying we should build bridges not walls.  I was proud to be the photographer at this commemoration as it was a beautiful example of kindness between two countries across the Atlantic.

Zac Posen by San Francisco Celebrity Photographer. Neiman Marcus

Zac Posen is a fashion icon and his bravado on Project Runway is one to behold.  It was an honor to photograph him when he was in San Francisco for a runway show at Neiman Marcus

.  He was interviewed by Juliet Belkin for Jolie Gazette and you can read it here:

He was as provocative, confident and charismatic as you would expect from someone with so much talent and success right out of the gate.  Bravo!