Petaluma Family and Children’s Photographer -The Reynolds Family Portrait Session

These faces! They are all so full of personality. Kingston, the little guy, wasn’t feeling it in the beginning so we all went and got a wicked slush ūüćßor a Starbucks to let the sugar kick in. As you can see it did it’s job. Kinyatta is one of the most vivacious, cool and all encompassing love mommas I know and she gives everything her all. I loved photographing her and John and her tribe. Here’s to more sessions infused with sugar! ūüć®

Family and Childrens Portrait Photographer in Petaluma. The Bisordi Family.

Ummmmmm…..vwatt???¬† Look into those tide pool blue eyes!¬† Let’s say Monica and Frank can make a cute baby!¬† Love here to pieces.¬† This was so sweet as I also photographed her mommy and Daddy’s wedding at The Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco a few years before.¬† So it was so fun to meet them and Monica’s extended family at The Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park to take some family and children’s portraits.¬† Love getting to be a family and kids portrait photographer for my clients after I’ve photographed their wedding.¬† I get to be a part of their journey the whole way through.¬† It’s quite an honor and I’m so amazed by how fast these families grow!

Belvedere Tiburon Family and Childrens Portrait Photographer. The Ivory Family.

The Ivory Family is just wonderful and all are super photogenic.¬† It doesn’t hurt either that Dirk’s home is over looking the San Francisco Bay and with views like that you’d be hard pressed not to get fantastic family portraits. There is a caveat though as photographing portraits on a sunny day where the backdrop is lighter than your subject you have to add fill flash.¬† That way the people you are photographing aren’t underexposed.¬† It’s a finely tuned nuance photographers have to master if you want beautifully lit subjects with backgrounds like this.¬† But, we did it and have gorgeous photos for life!

Petaluma Family and Childrens Portrait Photographer in Sonoma County. The Aime Family.

Is there anything more inviting than a door? ¬†I love framing children and families in doors in their family portrait photography. ¬†It’s like a welcoming in of sorts and natural light is usually also at it’s best in the frame of a doorway. ¬†It’s not unusual for me to take a jaunt around a family’s neighborhood looking for great backdrops for family and children’s portraits in Sonoma and Marin County. ¬† These little spitfire girls were bursting with personality and I had a ton of fun photographing them in this lifestyle shoot.

Petaluma Family and Childrens Portrait Photographer in Sonoma County. The Biancini Family.

If you haven’t visited Petaluma in Sonoma County in the fall then you should put it on your list and if you can schedule a family and children’s portrait photography session than you are golden. The fall colors are gorgeous and there are so many trails to use as backdrops in your family portraits with using just natural light. ¬†These two little girls are adorable and they had so much fun running up and down the hill we were on. ¬†The key is to make children’s portraiture fun so you get their little personalities at their best. ¬†Here’s to making memories!

Petaluma Family and Childrens Portrait Photographer in Sonoma County. Annika and Leif.

What’s more incredible than a persimmons tree framing a little rustic shed? ¬†I was ecstatic when I discovered it and I photographed Annika and her son in an out of the shed with natural light. ¬†I love being a family portrait photographer in Petaluma ¬†because the surrounding areas have endless backdrops for portrait photography. ¬†This happened to be on a lot behind a Christmas Tree Farm in Sebastopol. ¬†Beautiful momma whom I adore and her son Leif. ¬†Portrait photography perfection. xoxo

Children’s Portrait and Event Photographer in Tiburon, Marin County. Brynn is 4.

I love this family and I have been so lucky to have been their family portrait and birthday event photographer since they were one years old.¬† It is such an honor to be able to document each year that goes by.¬† I mean how cute are these kids?¬† Love them.¬† Until next year…..xoxo


Childrens Photographer Tiburon, Marin County. Jake’s Birthday party.

I have been so blessed to photograph all of Jake’s birthday parties since he was one!¬† He is such a free spirit and so full of sparkle and love.¬† Look at these faces at his birthday party in Tiburon, in Marin County.¬† I love being a children’s lifestyle and portrait photographer because of all the joy and fun these kids have at these parties.¬† Love him and the whole family. They are so creative and a wonderful family to just hang out with.