Family and Children’s Portrait Photographer -Petaluma, CA

To say I love ūüėć this family is putting it mildly. O’Meara is the epitome of grace and beauty and her and Bill Cover‘s daughter’s reflect their kindness and radiance. We managed to laugh our way through this photo shoot capturing everyone’s personalities, get a headshot of O’Meara Cover, lifestyle photos and great family shots to be revealed after the holidays.

San Rafael, Marin Family Portrait Photographer. Petaluma Portrait Photographer. Kabat Family.

When the backlight tips just rightly so on your family portrait session at China Camp Beach in Marin County you get this splendid halo of light. ¬†I love how fleeting it is and if you don’t shoot fast you will miss it. We had a lot of fun exploring all the backdrops for the Kabat Family Holiday Portrait session. ¬†Look at all that luminescent light!

San Francisco Portrait Photographer. Fort Point Portrait Session. The Walker Family. Petaluma Portrait Photographer.

Look at these adorable kids!  I had a blast photographing The Walker Family at Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge and at Chrissy Field.  I love shooting family portraits at Fort Point as the light is so golden and dramatic.

Petaluma Family and Children’s Portrait Photographer. Petaluma Holiday Photographer. The Yebra Family.

Loving the fall colors in this holiday family portrait session I photographed in Petaluma.  This family was darling and we had a great time.

Petaluma Family and Childrens Portrait Photographer in Sonoma County. The MacKenzie Family.

Love love love being a Family and children’s portrait photographer in Petaluma.¬† I travel to Mill Valley in marin County to photograph children’s and family portraits as well and these adorable boys made the trip totally worth it.¬† We had so much shooting these lifestyle photos and laughed our heads off.¬† These photos capture so much as documenting your kids is the most wonderful thing you can do for them and for you!

Family and Childrens Portrait Photographer in Petaluma. The Bisordi Family.

Ummmmmm…..vwatt???¬† Look into those tide pool blue eyes!¬† Let’s say Monica and Frank can make a cute baby!¬† Love here to pieces.¬† This was so sweet as I also photographed her mommy and Daddy’s wedding at The Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco a few years before.¬† So it was so fun to meet them and Monica’s extended family at The Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park to take some family and children’s portraits.¬† Love getting to be a family and kids portrait photographer for my clients after I’ve photographed their wedding.¬† I get to be a part of their journey the whole way through.¬† It’s quite an honor and I’m so amazed by how fast these families grow!

Belvedere Tiburon Family and Childrens Portrait Photographer. The Ivory Family.

The Ivory Family is just wonderful and all are super photogenic.¬† It doesn’t hurt either that Dirk’s home is over looking the San Francisco Bay and with views like that you’d be hard pressed not to get fantastic family portraits. There is a caveat though as photographing portraits on a sunny day where the backdrop is lighter than your subject you have to add fill flash.¬† That way the people you are photographing aren’t underexposed.¬† It’s a finely tuned nuance photographers have to master if you want beautifully lit subjects with backgrounds like this.¬† But, we did it and have gorgeous photos for life!

Family and Childrens Portrait photographer in Petaluma, Dillion Beach. Lifestyle and documentary. Sonoma, Sebastopol, Marin, Healdsburg.The Reusers

Family portraits for the holidays shot in Dillon Beach, Sonoma County with the awesome Reuser Family.¬† They were up for anything!¬† I loved how they all got barefoot and took their family portraits in the ocean.¬† They also wanted to include their family dog in their holiday photographs so he got in them as well!¬† We took family photos at sunset where their reflections were so definitive in these family portraits.¬† I love Sonoma Country for it’s sunsets and Dillion Beach is a great location to have them.¬† They even allow dogs!



Petaluma Family and Childrens Portrait Photographer, Sonoma County. The Ribeiro Children.

Children’s and Family Portraiture is all about making it fun and comfortable for everyone. ¬†Because deep down we all want to be seen and heard and shine! ¬†Natural lighting for family and children’s portraits is also key as you want it be dynamic but I like to shoot with the most shallow depth of field so you have beautiful bokeh. ¬†That way the children or family you are shooting is the star of the photograph and the background enhances it by looking like a gorgeous Monet painting. And voila! ¬†Look at these two sisters whom I just adore to pieces and in fact so does my son, Hudson. ¬†So stinking cute are Lucia and Mila. ¬†xoxo

Children’s Portrait and Event Photographer in Tiburon, Marin County. Brynn is 4.

I love this family and I have been so lucky to have been their family portrait and birthday event photographer since they were one years old.¬† It is such an honor to be able to document each year that goes by.¬† I mean how cute are these kids?¬† Love them.¬† Until next year…..xoxo