The Willis Family Portraits.

Family portraits, shot in Petaluma, Sonoma County.

The Baxman Family Portraits.

Family portraits for the holidays, shot in Petaluma, Sonoma County.

The Dunton Family Children’s Portraits.

Children’s portraits, shot in Petaluma in Sonoma County for the Holidays.

Brynn – Commercial & Theatrical Headshots

Beautiful Brynn! Best of luck to this vivacious woman and her acting career. She was an absolute joy to photograph!

Florian Radke – Business Headshots

Florian is an incredible brand marketing and communications expert! From Berlin, Germany, Florian has worked with Nike, Keineken, MTV, Warner Music, Sixt, T_Mobile and Apple, as well as creating award winning campaigns for PETA.
How incredible is he? Not to mention one of the sweetest guys out there. We had such a blast together!

Dominic Capito – Petaluma Business Headshots

I had a wonderful time shooting Dominic Capito!

His business is Elite Plumbing which offers full-service residential and commercial plumbing services in Sonoma County and surrounding areas. They’re on call 24/7 and are committed to giving you the highest quality work with the best rates!

I use him, he’s totally great. Look at that smile!




Michael Goorjin – Book Jacket Portrait

I had the privilege of photographing writer, director, and award-winning actor, Michael Goorjian. His new book, What Lies Beyond the Stars, can be purchased on Amazon. Check out his book and read his biography to get to know Michael Goorjin and if you would like to buy his book, you can purchase it at www.michaelgoorjian.com