Come aboard for Renee’s 50th birthday Cruise in Petaluma, CA

When Renee decided her 50th birthday theme was going to be cruisin’  Love Boat Style…noone had even heard of the corona virus.  So without missing a beat some  guests came as the virus or doctors injecting the virus.  And,  there were THC vaccine gummies and chocolates if you weren’t too afraid to put your hand in the box.  No-one was and everyone just came out to show Renee so much love as she is pure love herself and the life of the party always.  Her husband gave the sweetest speech saying just that !  —so Ahoy Girl welcome to a new fabulous decade surrounded by your kickass boatload of family and friends. Enjoy all the photos from your awesome party! xoxo



Wedding Engagement at Castello Di Amorosa in St. Helena. Amanda and Kamal.

The first time I ever saw Castello Di Amorosa after moving from Los Angeles to wine country was…wtf?  Am I in Tuscany?  Seriously, the Sonoma and Napa Valley Region is so similar in the landscape with it’s sweeping vineyard hills that is hard not to draw similar familiarities.  However, we explored the backside that looks like Kamal’s native India.  AHA!!  I love this part that your aren’t supposed to go to.  (Sorry!  What’s that saying? ” Don’t ask. Beg for forgiveness. ”  Well, it’s a motto I have lived by.  It hasn’t failed me yet.  So….Amanda and Kamal met in med school and they have become each others other halves starting as study partners. aAnd now they are each other’s support for the last 8 years.  So When Kamal proposed to Amanda she felt like they were already married. I loved these engagement photos and this setting is so epic I get excited to photograph here whenever possible. Possibilities on this as a photo location are endless.

Wedding at Miramonte Resort in Palm Springs, CA. New Years Eve Wedding. Jennifer and Michael.

A New Years Eve wedding is what Jennifer and Michael wanted and they were married at the Miramonte Resort in Palm Springs, CA with the most decadent blue skies you can imagine.  The wedding photographs were fabulous with all the confetti.  I love being a wedding photographer on New Years Eve with so much grand fun happening!  They really went all out with ravishing details and top hats and tiaras for all the guests.  I loved their artistic wedding couple photographs with all the grand arches and twinkly lights.  Even the faintest twinkle lights can make photo journalisitic wedding photos look magical when you shoot them with an 1.4 aperture allowing all the beautiful bokeh you can imagine.  Wish the couple a smashing fun life together forever and always!

Wedding at Calistoga Ranch, Calistoga, CA. Leslie and Jake

Calistoga is one of the most beautiful places in the wine country to be married, and Calistoga Ranch takes the cake. If you want rustic wedding images than this is the place for your artistic wedding imagery to take place.  Your wedding photos will have an Ansel Adams look to them or your wedding photos will have the background of a fall Monet painting.  Love the editorial look of this couple in their wedding photos!  So magnificent!

Wedding at Villagio and Vintage Estates in Yountville, Napa Valley. Denise and Will.

Denise & Will were married at the Villagio and Vintage Estates in Yountville, CA. Such a fun artistic wedding images with a mariachi band wedding photos of the couple through the vineyards.  This Napa wedding is exquisite allowing me to photograph this couple in a photo journalistic way!  I love the wedding photo of Will with his mother dancing at the reception as she has so much emotion and I think I will be like that at my son’s wedding.  It makes me weep just thinking about it! Wedding photos at The Villagio and Vintage Estates are always exceptional as the architecture and brick facades and the proximity of the vineyards are divine!

Wedding at Mayacama Golf Club in Santa Rosa, CA. Meaghan and Jonathon

A romantic wedding at the Mayacama Golf Club in Santa Rosa, CA. This place is gorgeous! Look at the ivy growing on the walls and as a wedding photographer I love to frame the couples in doors!  The ceremony site with the bulbous grass also is so incredible.  The landscape design here is to die for!  They both love their doggies so they had them in the wedding as well. Such a fun wedding in an exquisite venue! I can’t wait to be the wedding photographer on another wedding at Mayacama!





LGBT Same Sex Wedding San Francisco. Stoddard and PK.

I love photographing same sex weddings and this one is no exception.  I especially love the wedding photo of these two with the dramatic red velvet curtain as it looks so formal and elegant.  San Francisco lgbt weddings are a highlight as everyone is so happy for the couples to have the same rights as everyone else.  This actually was the first LGT wedding at this undisclosed venue and I am so proud to have photographed it.  May you have the most beautiful lives together.

Wedding at Marin Art and Garden Center, San Anselmo, CA. Melissa and Greg.

The Marin Art and Garden Center has the most gorgeous flora and fauna and to have your wedding here is the best idea ever.  Such gorgeous color everywhere that pop in your wedding photography and the light shifts in highlighting all the plants to make sure your wedding images are artistic and gorgeous!  Melissa and Greg were so sweet during their first look together.  I loved how Melissa turned into a little girl and it was really sweet to get to document such a moment on their wedding day!  Much love to both of them.

Meet Richard Marzo of Lace House Linen of Petaluma. Corporate headshot photography in Petaluma, CA

This speaks volumes to what corporate headshot photography and how much fun we had. Richard Marzo is the Vice President in Petaluma which was founded in 1915!

It was important to update his current corporate headshot to represent who he is now.  And is is an incredibly kind and effusive gentleman who has takes a crucial role in this family business now for decades!  Always fantastic to have the best corporate headshot photography to represent the best you!DSC_7748_pp

Editorial and Headshot Photographer in Petaluma. Children’s Portrait Photographer in Sonoma County.