Marriage Proposal Photography – Ryan + Amorina

Is there really more greater joy then a marriage proposal? I’m sure there are things but this one is pretty high up there. Especially, because Ryan managed to fly in both families from all over the country to witness it and celebrate. To say Amorina was surprised is the understatement of the century. When I hugged her….her entire nervous system was vibrating at a frequency I can’t put into words. I mean pure BLISS were the feelings everyone had for Ryan and Amorina! Everyone was excited to spend the week at a house rental in Stinson Beach to enjoy time together and marvel in the beginning of their beautiful commitment to one another. I love photographing marriage proposals and then get to photograph the engagement session and the wedding. Pretty beautiful stuff here.

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Sonoma Wedding Photographer

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Wedding photographer in Bolinas, CA at The Bolinas Community Center and Smiley’s. Edward and Haley.

Bolinas Community Center means a lot to Edward and Haley as they both spent a lot of time visiting Bolinas as children so it seemed natural to want to have their wedding ceremony in the heart of Bolinas.  They had their ceremony on the beach and their wedding reception was at the Bolinas Community Center which is in the heart of Bolinas right across from Smiley’s Saloon where many a cocktail has been enjoyed.  Loved shooting artistic wedding photography with natural light for most of it and shooting in an editorial style so they could enjoy their wedding photos for years to come.  Wishing Edward and Haley many “smiles’ in their future!